I was hesitant to make the first move to attend this centre but am so very glad I did. Because my cancer diagnosis was at a very early stage I was blessed to just need surgery and meds for 5 years. Because of this I didn't want to take the place of someone more deserving but I now know that is not the case here. You are immediately at ease as soon as you enter. It is great to talk to people who fully understand your thoughts, fears and feelings so you are not putting pressure on your family and friends. As well as the fantastic counselling available there is also bio energy which is a huge benefit to ones general well-being.The staff are absolutely wonderful, each and every one of themĀ Testemonial
Post surgery and in recovery for my prostate Cancer operation I was lost.
I had no direction, all avenues seemed blocked, dark clouds hung over my head.
One rainy night I walked Wine Street, up and down past the door 5 times I remember, until I found the courage to push the door open and go in , uncertain as to what I would find.
What I found behind that door .
Where there had been despair I found hope.
Where there had been loneliness I found companionship and friendship the likes of which I had never experienced before.
Where there had been uncertainty and doubt I found confidence in the future.
Where there had been a dark cloud I was surrounded by rays of light .
One timid and uncertain push on a door opened a whole new world of optimism, friendship and enduring hope.No44 Front Door
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