South Sligo Cancer Support Group

This support group provides information, gives comfort, teaches coping skills and provides a place for people to share common concerns and emotional support.

Research now shows that people who take part in support groups can live healthier, happier lives by spending time relating to others in similar circumstances. By being part of a cancer support group people feel less isolated and helpless. Through the support of others they feel less tension and anxiety, and they feel they are not alone with their illness.

The medical profession now acknowledge that belonging to a support group plays an important role in cancer recovery and long term well-being.

All support groups run by SCSC are professionally facilitated. There is always a cup of tea, a laugh as well as the odd sad moment, and friendships are made that last a lifetime.

This group is open to anyone struggling on their cancer journey.

Group Meetings

This group meets on the first Wednesday of every month 8pm-10pm at the Centre – 53 Ard Aisling, Charlestown Rd, Tubbercurry