Men’s Cancer Support Group

This is a support group for men who have been diagnosed with cancer or are currently on their cancer journey. The aim of this group is to bring a sense of community and support to those who may be struggling with certain aspects of their cancer diagnosis and the outcomes of certain treatments.

The core group is made up of ordinary men who have been through some extraordinary trials and tribulations. Most, if not all will say that “having cancer has been a life changing experience, a change for the better”. These men have moved forward from their diagnosis and are a very proactive group.

The group meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 7pm – 9pm. The first meeting is facilitated and the second is more informal but still informative.

For more information:

You can contact SCSC – 071 9170399 or speak to one of the members from our Men’s Support Group:


086 880 8848


087 644 2067


086 166 9696


087 267 0578


087 249 6918