I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Nov 2017. Over the last few years Sligo Cancer Support Centre has been a lifeline for me. At the time I did not want to go to the Centre, I felt if I crossed that threshold I would be admitting I had cancer, even when I had already started chemo, lost my hair and had my first surgery.. I thought I don’t need that. Amazing how your mind tries to protect you. After a few weeks myself and a friend went in together and we never looked back. The house is homely and warm with always the kettle on the boil. The staff are kind, caring, professional and confidential. They support you and your loved ones through your treatment, and guide you through recovery. Cancer is not just a physical illness, the toll on mental health can be overwhelming and longer lasting. I know I would not have survived the mental challenge of my cancer illness without the support of the Sligo Cancer Support Centre. I thank them from the bottom of my heart  for their continued support ♥️