Organise a Fundraising Event

By organising  your own fundraising event, you can make a great difference to Sligo Cancer Support Centre, by raising awareness around the services offered at the centre and also funding different programmes which would have otherwise been impossible.

If you wish to organise your own event in aid of our centre please give us a call 071 9170399 or email We would be happy to help you.

Sponsorship Cards

If your event requires Sponsorship Cards, we can make them to suit any event. Either phone the centre or drop in to discuss your event and we will have as many cards as necessary available to you. We ask that all sponsorship cards be returned to the centre after any event, even those which are unused. We are required to track all sponsorship cards. Every card has a number which we use to log under your name so that we can cancel all cards once they have been returned.

Fundraising Page

You can also set up a Fundraising Page via our Facebook Page or on EverydayHero which is a really convenient way for friends and family to donate online. Click on the link and ‘Create Your Page’. This is a very safe way of donating online. EverydayHero send all donations made to Sligo Cancer Support Centre at the end of each month, less a 3% administration fee. 

You can make a single donation by following the link below:


You can lodge all raised funds directly to Sligo Cancer Support Centre bank account.

Contact us for our bank details.

Please note: If you lodge funds directly, please let us know the following details

  1. Date of Lodgement
  2. Amount Lodged
  3. Lodgement Reference Number


This allows us to issue you with a receipt and letter of thanks and also to track your lodgement on our bank statement.


A million thanks for choosing Sligo Cancer Support Centre as your charity. We are truly grateful to each and every person who supports our centre. We wouldn’t be here without your help.