I was in the same situation following my diagnosis as above but pre surgery. So many unknowns and no hint of where to find the answers. A friend put me in touch with a member of the men’s group that meets in the centre on the first and third Tuesday of the month. I was immediately welcomed by the soundest group of men you could hope to meet. An hour and a half later armed with answers to so many of the questions that had been flying around in my head. I drove 42 miles back home and haven’t looked back since. 5 years later having had the cancer return but beating it again and I’m still making that trip and meeting my friends. We keep up to date with each other’s progress. News of all clear or news of a return of cancer and offering and receiving all the support that you can handle. 44 Wine Street is a place like no other and I can’t praise the place enough. Brilliant people who exude positivity and compassion. My family and I will be eternally grateful for what the centre has done for us. ❤️