Childs Mother

When my child was diagnosed with cancer I was provided with a lot of information about cancer, her treatment plan, the side effects and how her care would be managed throughout treatment. From diagnosis & right throughout treatment my focus was on helping my child get through treatment and coping with the awful side effects of the chemotherapy.  After treatment is finished the ongoing effects of childhood cancer which include not only physical symptoms but also the psychological and emotional impact remain.  I was aware of the Sligo Cancer Support Centre but did not know they provided support to children with cancer until a friend mentioned that they support both children and adults. We were made feel so welcome when we first walked through the doors on Wine Street and were enveloped by kindness from the caring and compassionate team at the centre.  They completely understood what I was going through as a mother and also what my child was going through.  My child availed of lovely treatments which she really enjoyed and I was treated to lovely cups of tea and a listening ear.  It gave me space to breath, to cry, to laugh and to have someone acknowledge that it was okay to feel what I was feeling.  For my child it was a place of relaxation, fun, positivity, kindness and of course the yummy treats.  She loved going there because the focus was not on her having had cancer but rather on her having fun and relaxing time where she could forget about the horrible stuff for a little while at least. We were truly blessed the day we met the Team in Sligo Cancer Support Centre and for that I remain very grateful.