About Us


A diagnosis of cancer profoundly changes a person’s life. Many people feel alone, isolated and afraid. Some people keep their fears to themselves in order not to cause further trauma to their families. Others have no one to share their fears with. Such an experience led to the foundation of the Centre in 1996. Initially a small group of people met once a month to support each other. In 1999 the first Centre was opened at 2a Wine Street to provide holistic therapies and counselling, in addition to support groups.

Due to the increased demand for a more comprehensive service the Centre relocated in 2009, to 44 Wine Street. This building provided much more space, easier access and a much greater range of facilities.

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to come to the Centre for the first time. For many however, it can be a big step on the road to complete recovery. The peace, hope and encouragement you get strengthens and supports you as you journey back to full health.

Our Mission:

Sligo Cancer Support Centre is a place of peace and hope where people with cancer and their families can access support, counselling, holistic therapies and healing workshops in a caring and tranquil environment in the North West of Ireland. A place where no one feels alone on their journey to recovery. 

Our Team:

Sligo Cancer Support Centre provides the highest possible standard of care for everyone who avails of our support services. From the very first point of contact, you will be greeted by one of our caring and empathetic team members, whose role is to ensure you feel supported on your cancer journey. Their expertise, dedication and care for each person using our services, makes our centres the healing, calming and life transforming places they are.

Our centres could not survive without the hard work and dedication of our amazing team, which is made up of staff and volunteers who at this stage have welcomed and supported hundreds of people, who have used our centres.

Please make the call, as we are here to support you and your family. We fully understand your feelings of fear, panic, sadness and loneliness. We can assure you when you leave our centre, you will have a new sense of peace and hope.

For the safety of everyone concerned, for the foreseeable future, please call to make an appointment, where one of our caring team can arrange the next step in your cancer support.