I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in April 2017, to say I was shocked is an understatement, after losing my parents and husband in the 6year period before diagnosis I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

A few people suggested Sligo Cancer Support Centre to me but I wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted.

Then I was walking in Wine St one day and found myself outside the centre, I walked in and rang the doorbell, the door opened and a lovely lady welcomed me in, I just broke down saying I had been diagnosed with cancer, she brought me into the waiting room and asked if I would like tea and she would get someone to talk to me, then I met Margo, the most amazing woman anyone could meet, Margo welcomed me and organised counselling and reflexology treatments for me, I really felt understood while talking to Margo, she was just finished treatment herself.

While waiting on chemotherapy to start I had several counselling sessions with Keverina, with her help I came to terms with my diagnosis and started to take ownership by preparing for treatment by eating healthy foods, getting a little exercise and proper sleep. While undergoing chemotherapy I had reflexology treatments, these helped so much with the side effects of treatment.

The centre was a place to call into if I was having a bad day, there was always someone there to have a chat and I always left feeling much better.

Thankfully I am now 3 years post cancer and I am doing well, thanks to Sligo Cancer Support Centre I have not looked back, calling into the centre that day 3 years ago was the best decision I made. I have made friends for life.

I have joined the Cancer Support Centre Choir and have taken part in several fundraising events, I feel my involvement with the centre has made me a better person.

To anyone starting a cancer journey I would strongly recommend Sligo Cancer Support Centre, you won’t regret it 💜💜💜💜💜